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Current Members

Dr. Antonio DiTommaso

Dr. Charles Mohler
Senior Research Associate

Dr. Kristine Averill
Research Associate

Maria Gannett
PhD Graduate Student

Emma Kubinski
Research Technician

Eugene Law
PhD Graduate Student

Chenxi Luo
Master Student in MPS program

Caroline Marschner
Extension Associate

Scott Morris
Research Technician

Ryan Patrick O'Briant
MS Graduate Student

Hao Shen
PhD Graduate Student

Sophie Westbrook
MS/PhD Student
Lab Alumni & Current Positions

Dr. Dan Brainard
Associate Prof.,
Michigan State Univ.

Elizabeth M. Buck
Extension Vegetable Specialist, CCE Erie County, NY

Brian Caldwell
Research Support Specialist, Horticulture, Cornell University

Julia Dagum
Graduate Student, M.S. Environmental Science & Management, Univ. California, Santa Barbara (UCSB)

Dr. Wei Ding
Professor, Northeast Agricultural Univ., China

Xiana Garcia Freire
Davis United World College Scholar

Emily Hotchkiss
Rural Health Network Coordinator, Central NY

Dr. Javaid Iqbal
Assistant Professor, Ghazi Univ., Pakistan

Meghan Joline
Associate at PwC, Pharma & Life Sciences R&D, New York, NY

Dr. Farnaz Kordbacheh
Postdoctoral Research Associate, Univ. of Manitoba, Canada

Neith Little
Urban Agr. Extension Educator, Univ. Maryland

Lillian Magidow
Senior Research Manager, Product Development, WinField United, River Falls, WI

Dr. Julie Major
Lecturer and Academic Advisor, McGill Univ.

Dr. Qaiser Maqsood
Assistant Professor, Department of Agriculture, Government College University Faisalabad,
Layyah, Pakistan

Dr. Andrew McDonald
Associate Professor of Tropical Cropping Systems, Soil and Crop Sciences, Cornell University

Dr. Robert Nurse
Research Scientist,
Agric. and Agri-Food Canada

Dr. John Orlowski
Director of Agronomy and Accounting, Growers, Seattle, WA

Cristina Patracchini
Researcher, Univ. of Turin, Italy

AC Repka
Technician, Plant Pathology & Plant-Microbe Biology, Cornell University

Keissy Mendes Rocha
Undergraduate Student, Bahia Southwest State Univ. (UESB), Brazil

Ava Ryan
Graduate Student, Master of Public Policy, Oregon State Univ., Corvallis, OR

Ariel Saffer
Project Management Specialist, CIMMYT, Mexico

Dr. Jianying Shen
Associate Prof, Dept. of Env. Sci.,
Shanghai Jiaotong Univ., China

Rachel Shuler
Chair, Middle School Science Dept., Meadowbrook School,
Weston, MA

Dr. Larissa Smith
Research Scientist, Syngenta

Courtney Stokes
Science Teacher, Tavares H.S., Tavares, FL

Dr. Kirsten S. Torresen
Senior Researcher, Bioforsk Plant Health and Plant Protection, Aas, Norway

Stephanie Whitehouse
Retail General Manager
Greenhouse & Garden Center
Dickman Farms
Auburn, NY

Dr. Qin Zhong
Researcher & Lecturer, South China Agricultural Univ., China

Dr. Jinwen Zhu
Associate Professor, Zhejiang University