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Sophie Westbrook

MS/PhD Student

905 Bradfield Hall


  • 2019 A.B. Integrative Biology, Harvard University, Cambridge, MA


Research Interests

My research focuses on multitrophic interactions and the ways that lesser-known effects of weed species, including positive effects, can be incorporated into integrated pest management decisions. I am

2021DiTommaso, A., K.M. Averill, Z. Qin, M. Ho, A.S. Westbrook, and C.L. Mohler. 2021. Biomass allocation of Vincetoxicum rossicum and V. nigrum (Apocynaceae) in contrasting competitive environments. American Journal of Botany. Accepted
2020Westbrook, A. S., & McAdam, S. A. (in press). Atavistic stomatal responses to blue light in Marsileaceae. Plant Physiology.
Westbrook, A. S., & McAdam, S. A. (in press). Stomatal density and mechanics are critical for high productivity: insights from amphibious ferns. New Phytologist.