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SeedbankThe seeds in the soil, but especially those that persist for one or more years
RhizomeAn underground stem
Cole cropsCrops in the mustard family (Brassicaceae) such as cabbage and broccoli
PerennialA plant that lives for more than one year
Annual A plant that completes its lifespan in less than one year
Stirrup hoeA hoe made of a narrow band of steel bent in the shape of a stirrup and attached to a long handle. It is used for shallow hoeing of small weeds.
After ripening Transition of a seed from a dormant to a non-dormant state which takes place after the seed is physiologically independent of the parent plant
Asparagus knifeA narrow blade, slightly forked and sharpened at the tip, that is used for cutting asparagus stalks belowground. It is useful for digging out taprooted weeds with minimal disturbance to adjacent crop plants.
Tilth A desirable quality of the soil in which it is porous and easily broken into small stable crumbs.